Tips for Stress-Free Flying
Be prepared and be patient
Bring plenty of reading material. new book is always a good thing.
Knowledge of security procedures can speed the system and ease your delays and frustration.The time to find out is before travel.
Pack valuables and fragile items, like laptops or jewelry, in your carry-on bag.
Try to carry fewer metallic items, including keys, coins, phones, cemera etc., in your carry-on bag.
Remove laptops and video cameras from their cases so they can be placed in a plastic bin for screening.
Remove your overcoat, as well as your jacket, blazer, and suit coat. Sweaters and sweatshirts are OK if not unusually bulky.
Check list Before Going Abroad.
Make Sure your Travel Documents are in order.
Collect all information regarding proposed place of visit well in advance.
Collect all information about unique or specific diseases to place of visit and ensure necessary precautions
keep informed your self about local happenings of places of visit.
It is advisable to carry your Credit/ATM cards and inform the respective credit card company of your departure
It is safe to carry travellers cheques instead of cash currency and make sure that brand of traveler cheque are accepted worldwide or atleast in the visiting country. Also be aware of company policy regarding the loss and reimbursement for the same.
Equip yourself with all relevant health information before you travel
It is advisable to buy medical and other travel related insurance. Carry original policy and leave behind the photocopy of policy.
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